Quotes Apply from VAM dB Insurance CRM

Insurance Agents: Quotes Apply is a new service from VAM dB Insurance CRM allowing you to better serve your leads and clients. Using the integrated quote engines in VAM dB, you can quickly run quotes for new leads or clients. Save the quotes you want to present, enter any notes for each quote and quickly email them to your client. You can setup as many different template emails to send the quotes. When a client receives the email it will have a link for them to view their quotes. The link is a secure url with an individualized page just for them. They will see the quotes you saved and any notes you entered. They can click to apply for any of the quotes shown, or send a question via email to you. If they have a question, the email will be stored in the client record in VAM dB. If they choose to apply for one of the quotes they will be able to enter more data which will be entered directly into the client record in VAM dB as well.


VAM dB is the center point of your office. A web based solution available from anywhere, to track and sell insurance online. Integrated phone, sms text, email, life insurance quotes & forms, paramed exams & much more.


VAM dB is the only tool an insurance agent needs. CRM, note tracking, calendar and follow ups, policy tracking and commissions, document storage, fully customizable** to meet each agent or agencies needs. Increase your sales and improve your efficiency.


Integrated lead providers from all of the top online insurance lead vendors. Automated dialing to new leads and scheduled follow ups. Extensive and customizable reports for insurance agents.


This provides an improved way of communicating during the sales process with leads and clients. All communication is secured and safe. Any questions and data are securely entered into your VAM dB account so you can quickly and easily provide better service to your prospects.


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